Guy Candy! Samuel Eli-Thiru


While rushing home from my interview with Break London Radio, I bumped into pretty boy Samuel Eli-Thiru. A part time model, Samuel had recently given up his other part time job as a party promoter, to pursue his real passion; Acting. What an amazing face he has?! Perfect bone structure. Not too sharp. Not too blunt. Dreamy expressive eyes (love that birth-mark above his left eyebrow), a slim toned body and an expressive face. I had only met Samuel once before, but remembered him. You see, he is the sort of person who leaves a lasting impression and lingers on one’s memory.



Samuel spoke of his upcoming auditions and seemed happy when I mentioned I would consider him as one of the models for my debut clothing range’s menswear. We grabbed a quick drink a pub nearby chatted away. As we said good bye, I invited him to my next party. Now enjoy the next picture. Doesn’t he look lovely? No wonder a lot of people kept staring at him in the pub and one particular girl (who was quite giggly!) even gave him her number! Everyone likes a pretty boy, right?


Author: Emmanuel Ray

Nominee, London Personality of the Year 2012 (London Lifestyle Awards). Winner, Fashion Icon of the Year 2011 (Fashions Finest Awards, UK).

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